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A psychological thriller.

 Sophie Latham is a successful businesswoman used to getting what she wants. At thirty-nine, with her biological clock ticking, she wants a baby and marriage to her gorgeous personal trainer, Ollie Harmon.

 He’s five years younger. Her snobbish family thinks he’s not good enough, but she marries him three months after they first meet.

 Ollie has a younger half-sister. Kristin Kelly is a supermodel; hounded by the paparazzi, she’s ended up the trophy wife of a controlling billionaire, Sir Gerald Sullivan.

 When Ged is accused of murder, Sophie must choose. Can she lie to the police to protect her fragile sister-in-law?

 Inevitably, Ged and Sophie lock horns; then Kristin tells Sophie a terrible secret. Ollie is desperate to rescue his sister from her husband’s abusive clutches. And Sophie knows she must help.

 But how? As Sophie’s fairytale marriage spirals into a waking nightmare, she discovers she’s neither as smart nor as good as she thinks.

 A dark psychological thriller full of twists and turns for fans of Paula Hawkins and Lisa Jewell.

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SHE’S GONE by Susan Wilkins

A psychological thriller.

Marcia Lennox has a life most people would envy: a loving husband, Harry, a beautiful and clever daughter, Phoebe, and a high-flying career. And eighteen-year-old Phoebe has won a place at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

But in her third week at university, Phoebe disappears. She leaves her phone, her credit cards and all her possessions in her room. The police suspect the worst and Marcia’s perfect existence begins to unravel.

Clinging to the hope that Phoebe will be found, Marcia discovers her daughter had a secret life she didn’t want to share with her parents. The trail she leaves on social media leads to a very dark place.

And Marcia knows about dark places. Her carefully constructed life is just a front, created to escape her own past. Can she face her demons to save her daughter?

An addictive psychological thriller for fans of Rachel Abbott and Lisa Jewell.

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A KILLER’S HEART by Susan Wilkins

A political thriller

A heart transplant saved Adam Hardy’s life. But as he recovers from surgery, strange visions surface. Adam’s organ donor wasn’t killed in an accident – he was murdered.

As Adam frantically tries to untangle the truth, reports of a deadly new virus start to emerge.

Felicity Oldroyd, the Chief Medical Officer for England, is in a race against time to contain the pandemic. But the way the virus is spreading raises some disturbing questions. Together with police from Counter Terrorism Command, she battles to identify the source of the outbreak and ensure her country’s survival.

Adam’s memory could provide the vital clue. Can he help Felicity and the police get to the truth before it’s too late?

An emotionally charged page-turner full of mystery and suspense. Written before the emergence of Covid-19, this is a prescient political thriller for fans of Michael Crichton, David Baldacci and James Patterson.

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What Readers are Saying

A Killer’s Heart

 Unpredictable, intricately woven… I couldnt stop reading.

Amazon Reviewer

The Informant

An excellent read that is well plotted and unflinchingly told.

Sunday Mirror

It Should Have Been Me

A first rate thriller, tense and twisty… a writer at the very top of her game.

Elly Griffiths

Buried Deep

Compulsive and thoroughly captivating… I read it all in a single tense sitting.

Reader’s Retreat